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Sympli: Created by Women, For Women

sympli-the-best-2The Essential Boutique features the most versatile clothing line ever designed…..designed by women for women.  For real women with real figures and celebrating the uniqueness or each one of us.  The range of Sympli sizes extends from size 2 to size 24.  With styles that offer custom necklines, fit and lengths.

In addition, when you visit The Essential Boutique, you will find our store is staffed with Stylists, not salespeople.  No pushy anything, just assistance in helping you find the look that feels best on you.  One other thing you will find, whether you love to shop, or hate to shop, The Essential Boutique will be the one place you look forward to spending some time.

“I Had A Closetful Of Clothes and Nothing To Wear!”

Does this sound like you? If it does, you are not alone. Many of my clients felt this way and the reason is simple, they were never taught how to build a wardrobe. The conventional wisdom is to “buy” clothes. The smarter way is to build a foundation of versatile, flexibile pieces that compliment your body type and then to accessorize your foundation. The reason I am so in love with Sympli and the reason I brought it to Scottsdale is because it makes for a perfect foundation.

Arrange a time to come in to The Essential Boutique and we will spend the time with you teaching you how to build a wardrobe. Never again will you feel like you have a closetful of clothes, but nothing to wear.