A Note From the Founder of Sympli

Thirteen years ago, Jan Stimpson, the owner/designer, found herself frustrated with the narrow ideals propagated by the fashion industry and this dissatisfaction gave rise to a vision: create an innovative line of clothing that will celebrate the diversity of the feminine figure.

Thus, Sympli was born: a collection of high-quality, basics that uses a “fit formula” (including snug, relaxed and tunic) to complement and enhance all body types. Thus allowing women of all shapes and sizes to achieve a similar look.

Today, the line has evolved to include exciting novelty pieces that allow women to flawlessly mix and match over 300 designs and 30 colours to build entire wardrobes catered to their unique sense of style.


Imagine a world where self-esteem is a given and the pursuit of beauty was a source of confidence rather than distress. Where fashion is designed to celebrate the “imperfections” that make each of us irreplaceable.

Nature has made us all unique— in body, mind and spirit. We all know this, but many women still struggle with their body shape and size. When I really think about it, the amount of energy I have personally spent over the years wanting to be thinner, taller, certainly with larger breasts, I am perplexed. How exhausting!

I reached a point where my ability to shop for clothing was extremely limited, if not downright impossible! Fashion needed to be reinterpreted with all bodies in mind. I decided to make clothes that complimented my shape and those of others around me. Truly, Sympli was never just an idea – it was a necessity. My clothing is designed to empower women to express their individual beauty through fashion without limitations. Sympli is something I have worked my entire life to achieve and I am so proud and honored to be able to offer it to you.